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This is so true for software development as well. The ease of use of the system depends on which side of developer’s door you are on. It is just plain and simple logic that if you were the one developing the system from scratch, you know it inside out. If you see the complete system for the first time as a user, you have a totally different perception of it. This is the reason why a lot of ICT people don’t understand why their systems may be unusable to others. This misconception very often leads to myths about usability and usability testing. Test automation, in general terms, refers to the automation of any testing activity in the SDLC. For the purposes of this article we will specifically refer to the automated execution of a manual test, more specifically known as functional software test automation.

I believe that managers very often feel like racehorses in their daily attempts to deliver projects on time, with the least possible incidents. It is just as challenging to be able to estimate the testing effort of a project as it is to get your children to school on time during peak hour traffic. The only difference is that if you know of all the factors that might influence your testing effort the test estimation is so much easier! When we decided to dedicate this edition of Test Focus to testing career development and training, my thoughts immediately turned to Johan Stander one of the reasons Johan is an expert when it comes to testers, and their careers, is that for the past 5 years he has interviewed almost a 1000 testers seeking employment.

There is good cause for companies with large testing volumes to Just as functional and non-functional requirements are difficult to solicit and test, so are Regulatory requirements. The difference is that - instead of just failing to deliver an important function, or having a server fail due to untested load issues. What does it take to present an eight hour tutorial on Usability to an audience at the EuroStar Testing Conference in Amsterdam? I thought knowledge of the subject and lots of preparation would be enough. Little did I know that a lot of faith, nerves of steel and a tolerance for sleep deprivation were also requirements.